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May 17, 2015: If You’re not Ahead, You’re Behind

This is the saying on the reverse side of my I Know You Ryder tee-shirt, the one I got after completing the endurance ride with the same name. At first, this saying seemed nonsensical. But after giving this matter more thought, it seemed less nonsensical. What this statement means is that if you aren’t doing something significant, you’re not a front runner. Rather, you are back in the pack, moving at a snail’s pace.

I worry about being back in the pack, for being there is a complete and utter waste of time. Squandering time, which is what one is doing when they’re behind, is at least in my estimation, a short falling. I plan ahead so that the odds of my squandering time are greatly reduced. I also try not to squander

Alys and Raudi after the I know you Rider Ride

other’s time (this should be the eleventh commandment, as in thou shalt not squander another’s time) although what others ultimately decide to do with their time is their own damn business.

I feel good when at the end of a day, like today, I can look back and see tangible accomplishments, or rather, that I’ve accomplished this, that, or the other. And it was a day full of tangible accomplishments. For instance, I (with help from Pete) finished the United States Dressage Association grant application, and via email, sent it to its destination. I feel like this is a solid grant proposal and that I stand a strong chance of getting funding for the upcoming open Centered Riding clinic.

Pete and I also made the May online centered riding video. This took far longer than expected because there were many little glitches along the way. For instance, Raudi repeatedly bumped the jump pole and at times nicked the poles in the zig zag obstacle. Then, finally, we got two decent videos which Pete accidently deleted – we discovered this when the camera battery went low. So we had to recharge the battery (wait wait) and then, again make another video. The second to last go-round was quite good – and the last go-round was even better. She did everything we asked her to do, which included trotting through the scary corer (this was then replete with signs, a bicycle stuffed animals, caution flagging, and a toilet seat. I could only think after – she has become a very patient horse.

We finished this task, and then moved on to trail riding. I’d walked Tinni between agility takes – he and Jenna elected to stay home. So we took Rainbow, Ryder, Hrimmi, and Raudi – as in animals R us. It was a wonderful outing – what’s most impressive is that Raudi is now going down hills slowly. In part this is because my centered riding training has made me more balanced when in the saddle.

Thinking now of immediate things to come. Tomorrow we’ll be going for a trail ride. We’ll meet Claudia and Frank at Matanuska Lake. We’ll leave Tinni at home -- Pete will walk Hrimmi. Tuesday night, I’ll again head over to Beth’s and participate in jumping lesson. Wednesday evening I head back to California. I’ll go from there to Portland and spend time with my mother and sister. I’ll get back at the end of May, when the agility results are posted.

It’ll then be time to begin training in earnest for the July competitive trail ride. There is also going to be an agility play day in late June. Pete and I are going to do volunteer work.

Plenty of things seem to be going on. I want to stay ahead and not fall behind.

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