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May 14, 2015: Number One Riding Horse

By default, Raudi has become my #1 riding horse. By this I mean that first of all, I’m no longer riding Tinni, who is now unofficially retired. He used to be the horse that I rode prior to riding Raudi, mainly because I was so nervous about riding her. My theory was twofold. First of all, riding him got me in the physical and mental groove for riding Raudi. I also had this theory, this was that Tinni and I left a scent on the trail, and Raudi in having to follow it, became more relaxed. Secondly, by virtue of having spent umpteen hours riding Raudi, she’s become quite reliable.

There is never a good time for a horse to go lame. But at least now I don’t need to rely on Tinni the way I used to.

Today’s an excellent example of a day in the life of Raudi, Alys’s Number One Riding Horse. Early on today, that is in between agility taping sessions, Pete and I took Raudi and Hrimmi for a walk. I alternated walking and trotting alongside Raudi, which is something that we both enjoy doing. She nearly yanked the lead out of my hand at Pat and Ray’s place. I hung onto the rope, gathered her in, had her turn in my direction and then continue on.

We next resumed doing the May agility course, thinking that Raudi had had enough of a break. Raudi wasn’t too keen on doing obstacle #1, which involved going through a gate (I mean, how hard could this be? But finally, she did it. She did wonderfully on the other obstacles, and we now have a nice video to show for it.

After doing agility, I ponied Tinni off Raudi. Our route involved taking in the trails by Pat and Ray’s place, then we did the rest of the loop. I dropped the lead a few times, once after Raudi jumped a creek. (Tinni walked across it.) I was, at least once, able to sidle up to Tinni and grab his lead rope.

Once home, I put the harnesses and leashes on the dogs and took them and Raudi for a trail ride. We walked to the Murphy Road trailhead and the rode all the upper and lower loop trails. Raudi did not at all disappoint. She was a bit slow at first because the trail hasn’t fully hardened yet but she picked up the pace on the way home.

We also did the upper creek trail, the off Jim’s Road. My level of fear was such that it was again like riding Tinni – I was no longer fearful. I know that I sound overconfident, but I’m not. It’s just a statement of fact. I feel very comfortable now when out and about on Raudi.

I hope that someday that Pete and I are able to do yet another big trip, for this time I’ll feel quite confident. It’s going to be a good summer’s riding. I hope that Tinni mends quickly, so that I again have a riding partner.

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