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May 13, 2015: A Conversation with Hrimfara

Alys: How are you feeling today, Hrimmi?
Hrimfara: Not bad, considering.
A: Considering that yesterday you had dental work done.
H: My gums are sore. Eating hay hurts.
A: This is because yesterday the veterinarian pulled your wolfteeth, took caps off your molars, and removed your temporary incisors.
H: Really? Is that what he did? I was wondering. He gave me a shot, and I had some really strange dreams. I dreamt that I was able to fly.
A: See? (Alys reaches into her pocket and pulls forth a piece of paper towel that contains the wolf teeth, molar

caps, and incisor caps.
H: (Eyes lighting up) Are those things edible? They look like treats.
A: Too crunchy. You could break a tooth on one of those things.
H: Well, I wouldn’t want to do that. You got a real treat on hand?
A: No.
H: Well, how are you doing? The side of your face looks a bit swollen.
A: I know how you feel. Today I had dental work done.
H: The nice man who worked on me – did he work on you?
A: No. a nice lady worked on me.
H: Did she first take that big syringe and squirt water into your moth so that all the hay bits came gushing out?
A: No. My mouth was clean before the procedure was done. The nice lady had an assistant and she used a tube that suctioned the water out.
H: What do you mean by suction?
A: Suction means to suck stuff in.
H: Did the nice lady do to you what the nice man did to me?
A: No. You had a cap taken off. The nice lady filed a tooth down – I’m going to have a cap put on it.
H: Were, you, like me, asleep when she did this?
A: No, I was wide awake. Before she worked on me, the nice lady gave me shot in my gums, so that I would not feel anything when she worked on my tooth.
H: Was your head put on a stand?
A: No. I was sitting in a chair that was tilted way back.
H: Was your mouth propped open with a big metal thing?
A: No, a thick rubber something or other was placed in the back of my mouth, so that my jaw was propped open.
H: What you had done and the way you had it done sounds dreadful.
A: It was dreadful.
H: But you’re feeling okay now?
A: The gum surrounding my tooth hurts. The nice lady’s assistant wrapped a string around the tooth, so that a mold of the tooth could be made.
H: String? Like a piece of baling twine?
A: Sort of, but only smaller.
H: I think that the next time around, that you should have the nice man work on your teeth.
A: You know, that’s a really good idea.
H: And Tinni, Raudi, and I, we could all supervise.
A: It wouldn’t cost me as much, either.
H: I don’t know anything about that.
A: And you’re better off not knowing.
H: Want some of my hay? Good stuff. It’ll make you feel better. Bet you haven’t eaten anything all day.
A: No, but thanks anyways.
H: When is the nice man coming back?
A: In another month or so. He is then going to check Tinni’s leg, and if he’s still lame, attempt to determine why.
H: He’ll be better.
A: You are lucky. Your dental work is all done. I have to have more work done.
H: How come the nice lady didn’t do all your work in one visit?
A: Because I have a lot that needs to be done.
H: Poor dear.
A: You don’t know what a root canal is, but I was told today I have to have this done.
H: What’s a root canal?
A: It’s when they drill into the tooth and remove the roots.
H: The day you are having this done, you’ll be home in time to feed us, won’t you?
A: Yes, of course.
H: I appreciate it. You know, I’m still a growing girl.
A: Yes, a growing girl who now has shed her baby teeth.
H: Imagine that.
A: Yes, imagine that.

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