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May 8, 2015: Getting Ready for the Trail Trials

It’s evening, and I’m beat. It was hectic spring day here. Overcast, a mite chilly, temperatures in the 40s. The sky spit rain at times today. But overall, it was a good day. It pretty much began with Pete and me heading out with Tinni and Hrimmi. He rode Tinni and I walked Hrimmi. Normally, we’d pony Hrimmi, but we are being real careful with Tinni. He does not appear to be lame or sore – we don’t want to risk him having anything pulled out of whack by Hrimmi, who at times does stop suddenly.

We did Pat and Ray’s trail, and the loop. Once the horses were home and situated, we then unloaded the 76 bales

of hay that we purchased yesterday from our hay supplier, John DePriest. I was relieved because we were down to nine or so bales. Now we have enough, for sure, to get us through to the first cutting, which will be in the first part of July.

Dick arrived in the early afternoon, just in time to check out Pete’s latest building project – an arch – it’s one of the obstacles in the May agility course. He made it out of thick tree branches. We stapled plastic flowers to it, one’s that we found last week at the thrift store. Dick led Jokla through it – she was at first scared and bolted through. She got calmer in successive go arounds. Raudi and Hrimmi, when led through it, had no problem at all. I then saddled up Raudi and rode her through it. Again no problem. Dick rode Jokla through it. She gradually became desensitized to it.

Dick next worked Jokla over the obstacles that I laid out in the driveway, one’s that he might encounter in tomorrow’s trail trails. After, I did the same. Today’s obstacles included the gate, a piece of asphalt, L-poles, the oil containers (tied together with baling twine) the barrel and pole turn, the tarp, the tarp pull, and the brush pile. Jokla started out by doing her ping pong ball routine, but gradually became more relaxed.

I took Raudi through the same, and she did most things in a relaxed manner. The backup Ls caused her some consternation – I’m hoping that tomorrow, that their being more distance between the poles, and their being on level ground might make things (at least in her mind) easier.

After a bit more practice, Dick took Jokla out for a short trail ride. I stayed put, and worked Raudi some more. Dick returned and headed home, and I took Raudi out for a trail ride. We did Pat and Ray’s trail, the loop, and Siggi’s trail.

My going for this evening trail ride enabled me to put everything into perspective. Tomorrow and what happens doesn’t matter because Raudi and I did so well today. Yes, I would like for Raudi and I to shine. But what’s more important is that she did so well today. The entire time, she was cool, calm, and collected, both on the home front, and on the trail. Raudi is now for sure, my number one riding horse.

I feel like we’re now moving forward, and in a huge way. She could not have done what she’s now doing a year ago. This is just the end result of our continuing to work together in a steady, sustained fashion.

I must now finish getting ready for tomorrow. I have tack to clean and my own wardrobe to get together. I am planning on going to the trail trials dressed as a dressage diva. If it rains, I’ll stay home. I hope, most of all, that it turns out to be a fun day, spent in the company of friends.

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