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May 6, 2015: Clinic Update

In my head (which is where I mostly reside), I finally decided to commit to organizing a Centered Riding clinic. I finally figured out that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this. For me, this is a win/win situation. If this doesn’t fly, nothing will be lost except time – and I’ll learn a few things about organizing such events.

Far better for me to organize a Centered Riding clinic than attempt to get my own clinic going. I’m just not ready to do that. Plus, Centered Riding is organizationally-based, so this will enable me and others to make riding-related connections.

The clinic will be held at the Saddle Up Arena

I’m now also slowly developing a vision – such things usually come to mind quickly, but this one is coming together slowly. I can see where having a clinic might prompt others to become centered riding instructors. And if others do this, there will be more instructors locally. We could then work together on figuring out how to teach upcoming riders.

My musings go hand-in-hand with something that I’ve written about in the past – that is, moving forward. As I’ve also previously noted, most doors, real and imagined, don’t automatically swing open. Rather, one must push them open themselves. Some, like the one’s in the supermarket do open, but these sort of doors are few and far between. So, I am in taking on this clinic venture, pushing hard on the door that’s before me. Gulp.

My role models in taking on this seemingly huge endeavor are innumerable. There are so many people I know who’ve done great things organizationally. I think (of course) first of all of Pete, who has done many, many things along this line – what first comes to mind is his having organized a film festival in Butte, Montana. And I know the woman at the college who has organized the Summer Arts Festival. Huge thing. As for horsey people – Anita Dayton, who is currently running a 65-horse stable found time to organize the instructor clinic. Me, I only have a three horse stable, far less work for me to do, for sure.

I feel like yesterday that I finally got the ball rolling – I asked Laurie Knnutia who is the Fairbanks Challenge of the North CTR organizer, if the Challenge of the North group could be the sponsor for the dressage federation grant. She said that there is no CTR organization per say, but instead suggested that I contact the Alaska Dressage Association. This, I immediately realized, would be the perfect sponsor.

I will approach the Alaska Dressage Association. If I clear this hurdle, I will then approach the United States Dressage Association. This would be perfect because our local organization is a GMO. I don’t know exactly what a GMO is, but I guess that in time I’ll find out. All things in their time.

Pete’s busy today, but said that tomorrow he’ll give me an assist in putting together a flier and getting the word out there. So far, five people are interested in attending. I would like to end up with twelve people. This way, if we get donuts, everyone can have one. Yippy Skippy.

I am right now cheered because the weather is really good – the green haze is on the trees. The ground is greening up. The smell of spring is in the air. The birds are singing (the poor robin is still hoping to find a mate). And today Pete is finishing up doing his grading. And Tinni seems to be doing better – we are seeing no evidence of lameness at a walk. The plan is to continue to treat him like a china doll and do light riding, slowly building him up to bigger and better things. Otherwise, he will become stiff.

So all is good here. How on such a beautiful spring day could it be otherwise?

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