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May 4, 2015: Spring, for Real

Spring is finally here, that is the signs are warm weather and sunny skies. We could use a bit more greenery – the haze (as we call it) is almost on the trees, but not quite. The willows are in bloom. They are precocious. All the animals are now basking in the 60 degree temperatures.

Spring, weather like this, early on, I walk around in a daze, just feeling good. I so enjoy not having to put on the suit, boots, hat, mittens, every time I have to step outside. The mittens – I forego them and then I remember, touch snow, its cold.

Spring is all much more valued around here because it, and its counterpart, summer, won’t last. We who live here all know that it will again be winter in the blink of an eye.

But today – this morning, I took Raudi for an outing directly after Pete and I took Hrimmi and Tinni for a walk. I’d decided to ride to the end of Buffalo Mine Road. I left around 9 a.m. and returned home at 2 p.m.

I tried to make the ride interesting for my horse. Most of this particular ride is on the road, so it’s a bit of a slog, at least in her mind. This was why I opted to do both the Ridge Runner trails. Neither were to her liking because they’re both still gooshy underfoot. Raudi, when on these pathways, went slow and in a stumble sort of gait. This was her way of saying that the footing sucks. I was okay with this because in such instances, slow is better than fast

Raudi remained attentive the entire ride, and was only reactive one. She chose to be startled by a rock. She spun around midway up Buffalo Mine Road, and did a 180 degree turn. I stayed put, I think because beforehand, I’d spent time bringing centered riding images to mind. My staying put was good because it alerted Raudi to the fact that the supposed monkey on her back is the one in charge.

Up and back, we walked, cantered, and trotted; doing the latter two gaits for a longer time on the return trip. And on the ride back up Murphy Road, we went nonstop, cantering and trotting.

Yesterday Pete and I decided to ride/walk up the bench. He led Hrimmi and I rode Raudi. Ryder and Rainbow accompanied us.

Raudi again proved how trail savvy she is, picking her way over the rutted areas, choosing a route that was of her own volition. I sat on her back, and a few times attempted to determine what to do – that is, get off or stay on and hope for the best. Raudi, impatient, took charge and made her own way to the far side of questionable stuff. Fortunately, all her choices were good ones. This made me realize that her forte really is trail riding. She can jump and she can do agility, but trail riding is what she excels at. And I would not have it any other way. I think she thinks similarly.

It being Monday, and it being early, there was no one out and about. We did not have to deal with a single car, truck, or ATV. So I now know that Monday mornings are a good time for us to be out and about.

I am now attempting to put some miles on Raudi, so that we might do well in the Open Division of the Competitive Trail Ride Challenge of the North. It appears as though I will be going solo. Tinni won’t be doing this, for at least in my mind, he’s officially retired. Pete won’t have a mount; I guess he’ll do volunteer work at this event. We’ll have a good summer, which is if we all remain flexible and embrace change.

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