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December 21, 2014: Five Hours and Eleven Minutes of Daylight, Who’s Counting?

It’s the winter solstice. The weather has continued to hold, so once again we were able to get a good ride in. We opted for a differing plan today; rather than ride the trails, we instead did a road ride/trail ride. We rode to our neighbor Cath’s place, which is off Moose Wallow Road, I think on Brow Tine. There we assisted her in fitting an equimeasure pad for her horse Amigo.

On the ride to and fro Tinni, Raudi, and Hrimmi were very well behaved. Pete, in fact, remarked that Hrimmi (who he ponied) did better than she’d ever done previously. And while at Cath’s they were very well behaved. We tied them to yard trees and they hung out while we fitted the mold and chatted with Cath. We left

here at noon and we got back at 4 p.m. I timed our leaving so that we’d ride during the daylight hours. We had a small window of time, in part because around 2 p.m. it got overcast. This worked well. I’d brought my headlight along, but we didn’t have to use it.

I consider the winter solstice to be the onset of the New Year. Too bad I can’t get everyone to go along with this because this is most appropriate. After all, the winter solstice heralds the time when we go out of darkness and into light.

This morning Pete and I made things to do lists for the next few days. As we did this, it occurred to me that Christmas is just five days away. Holy Crap, I thought, that’s soon. Now most people live with this specter over their heads for 1-2 months. Me, this year I’m going to live with over my head for 4 days. I can handle this. The holidays ARE a stressful time for most, because they’re running around and getting stuff done and also tending to social obligations. But unlike me, most spread it out and do a bit at a time.

I do have what I think is a considerable amount to do before the Big Day. I have (for example) to finish the holiday cards and send packages to my mother and sister. And we have one holiday visit ahead. Kids are involved in this, so I must come up with presents. And there are the usual things to be done that always have to be done – for example, I have to clean the upstairs. Books and papers are stacked around me – I must deal.

That’s about it – it seems like a lot. Vickie is coming over for Christmas dinner, so we have to plan The Meal. I do not know if we’ll get the agility video made – it seems like this is going to be too much to do given all the other things we have to do around here.

I see holiday lawn art and trees in windows in passing. Always, I then wonder how people find the time to do this extra stuff. Most likely they aren’t spending upwards of five hours a day caring for horses and riding them. Also, most aren’t writing dispatches and copy editing a book.

I’m not complaining. I’m fortunate to have a lifestyle that enables me to commune with animals. I’m also fortunate to have a lifestyle that isn’t over the top during the holiday season. I’m to be envied because I’m doing a good job of keeping it all in perspective.

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