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December 4, 2014: Reincarnation and Carnation

Many speculate about reincarnation – the thought is that most of us have one or more past live. This has always made sense to me. I’ve often wondered if I was a stablehand in a past life in Ireland – seeing the stone barns when I was there was almost like déjà vu. I also like cleaning up behind the animals as much as I do being with them. Of course, it’s quite understandable, that I’d be all right with cleaning up after the horses. But how come, also, the chickens and goats?

This past, what’ called reincarnation. The question is now, what will come into play in the next life? I suspect that the next

time around that I’m going to be an efficiency expert, which is someone who assists individuals or groups in becoming more efficient. Yes, this is what I’ll do in my next carnation. I’m practicing this time around for the next time around. Who knows, I might even get paid to do this.

I have excellent time management/organizational abilities. I’m always thinking of ways in which I might do things in such a way as to save time. And time, in my mind has always been a very valuable commodity. The past few days are a good example. We went into winter mode a few days ago. When this occurs, the horse tending/riding routines change. We’ve now begun warming up the animal water on the woodstove, using the sled Vickie gave us last Christmas. (This fall, after the tanks ran dry, we began using the fish hauler.) We also now run the saddles down on a smaller sled – along with the saddle pad, the rump blanket, and a four gallon supplement bucket containing bridles, girths, and halters. Pete just built saddle racks in the kitchen addition. Having them inside, where it’s warm and dry, will keep the leather from drying and cracking. The same is true of the halters.

Everything goes down in one load; this way, I only have to make two trips. I take the dogs down to the hitching post area on the second trip, which is before taking the horses out.

The bits on the bridle are made of metal. Metal gets cold easily. So once I’m down in the vicinity of the horses, I take the bridles out of the bucket and put them around my neck, tucking them inside my down jacket. Makes me feel good – the horses on cold days going out for a jaunt with warm bits in their mouths and rump blanket on their butts. Spoiled, oh such spoiled critters. I’m also managing to keep up with the other chores – I try as best I can to think about what has to be done, and as well how it all can be done in a most efficient fashion.

We have a pretty efficient routine going exercise-wise. If Pete’s heading off to work, we first take Hrimmi and Tinni for a walk. This way, she gets some exercise and Tinni gets a pre-ride warm up. Next, I take Tinni and the dogs out. All now wait for me to mount and dismount at the trail heads. We walk back home, then I get Raudi out. Second verse same as the first.

At this time of year, I really am guarded with my time. We only have so much daylight available for getting outside stuff done so I have to remain focused. I hope that the next time around I’m able to look back and see this life, and consequently have a better understanding as to how it affected what I’ll call my present life. Don’t know though. And not knowing is to a large part what life is all about.

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