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December 4, 2014: Come What Will: A Conversation with Mr. Tinni

Alys: Hey old man, how are you doing?
Tinni: Just fine, just fine.
A: What have you been thinking about lately?
T: Some about my past, some about the present, some about my future.
A: Care to elaborate?
T: No.
A: About the present, how are things going?
T: Things are going quit well. I like the new arrangement. I’m separated from Hrimmi and Raudi every night and get an extra helping of hay late evening and early in the morning. Goodness, the gals eat really fast – and that young one, she scarfs the food down before it even hits the ground.

A: Can’t you get in there and get your share?
T: Oh yes, I can. But I don’t like to rush my meals. I like to take my time. That’s my prerogative as an older horse.
A: So you’re now getting your fill?
T: Yes.
A: And what do you think about our daily trail rides?
T: I sometimes have a hard time with Hrimmi – she can be extremely obstinate. And when she gets tense, Pete does the same. This is hard on my back and mouth.
A: Has it been helping that I’ve been getting you out alone?
T: Oh yes. It’s quite nice, going out on the trails and not having to deal with that little imp.
A: Is Hrimmi a problem in the paddock?
T: No. She know her place. Her mother taught her stable manners.
A: Do you miss Signy?
T: Oh yes. She was a very sweet mare. She never, ever picked fights, nor was she ever rude or pushy.
A: Do you miss Mr. Siggi?
T: Yes and no. He was at times playful to the point of being obnoxious. But he was not at all mean spirited. I feel really bad for Pete because I know he misses both horses. But both are now in a really good place.
A: What do you mean when you say good place?
T: Look up at the sky on a clear night, when the stars are out, and you will know what I mean.
A: What do you think about the idea of our getting another horse?
T: It’s a bad idea at this point in time.
A: Why is that?
T: We only have space for two horses here, and we have three horses here. You know, this past spring, you’re bringing in that Lifre dude was over the top.
A: Sorry
T: Apology accepted. Just don’t do anything like that again.
A: So I’ve been using the rump blanket you won at last summer’s competitive trail ride. What do you think of it?
T: It’s great. It keeps me nice and toasty on our outings.
A: Do you think that you’ll be up for doing next summer’s competitive trail ride?
T: If it’s warm, I’ll be up for it. If it’s cold or rainy I won’t be up for it. I’m 25, and my joints hurt in damp, cold weather.
A: I hear you. Do you have anything else to say?
T: Yes. I like it when you sing when we’re out on the trail.
A: Even though I’m tone deaf?
T: Yes, even though you’re tone deaf.

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