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November 28, 2014: Just Plain Grateful

The best part about Thanksgiving is the fact that it affords anyone who wishes the opportunity to be grateful for material and non-material things. This makes this the best holiday of all. Yesterday, in seeing Karen’s new bicycle, I backslid a ways. Today, I rebounded. This is not to say that I still don’t want a fat tire bicycle for this isn’t so. I still want one. For a brief moment yesterday this was the most important thing in the entire world. This is not so now.

Pete made me feel better about my not having one by saying that right now the trails (because of a lack of snow) are rutted, so the going might be rough.

Anyhow, all of today’s events lent themselves to my being grateful. To be grateful and glad – these are pretty much the same things.

I got up at dawn, fed all the animals. All were happy, healthy, glad to see me. I sectioned Mr. T off last night and gave him two big flakes of hay. This morning it was all gone. This was Pete’s idea in hopes that he might put on weight. A very good idea. I was glad Mr. T was okay and glad that Pete thought of this.

I wrote for an hour. I went over the next section of Lessons Learned. I have this gut feeling that I’m headed in the right direction. I’m now making the connections between the chapter on performance anxiety and sidepassing and chunking things down. I was glad to have the time and the discipline to do this.

I then went for a ride on Raudi. She and the dogs and I did the lower trail and Peach’s trail. It was cold, brisk, sunny. All, including me were glad to get out. Raudi and I both did really well going down hills. I was glad that we are both, together, making the body/mind connection.

Afterwards, I took Hrimmi, Tinni, and Jenna for a walk around the loop. It was fun, making note of our neighbor’s comings and goings. Hrimmi did just fine – wasn’t at all mouthy until the end. I think her attention span had been maxed out. On the way home I let her off in order to allow her to chase a stray black and white husky dog. I was really glad that this dog, which resembled early Rainbow in terms of its energy level, wasn’t one that we had to take in. I suspected that it belonged to a visiting Christmas tree cutter.

I came inside – was glad that Pete had gotten the woodstove going. I smelled good food cooking – baguettes and a pumpkin pie, and a berry pie. I was more than glad that Pete had taken on the cooking chores, which allowed me to spend much needed time outdoors.

I checked my email. There was a message from Claudia Sihler – her mare Katla, last night, gave birth to a colt. I was glad that she let me know this, for news about Icelandic horse births is to me, pretty momentous.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Vickie and Mike’s place. In addition to us, Vickie’s two sons, Isaac and Adrian, and as well, Adrian’s girlfriend were present. Together, we all ate an incredible meal and engaged in an incredible conversation. Both Vickie’s sons are tattoo artists. One lives in Anchorage and the other lives in California. I was glad to be in such good company.

On the drive home we stopped by the mailbox and opened the contents. A handful of the books that I’d ordered had arrived. The information in these books is going to support what I’m getting at in Lessons Learned, which is that there is a large body of knowledge out there about body/mind awareness as this relates to returning riders. And as of yet, no one has tapped into it. I am grateful to currently be able to make these intellectual connections. Had I not gone to graduate school, I would not have been able to do this.

Pete dropped me off at the base of the gate. I had my headlights and gloves with me. I went and did horse chores before heading on up to the house. I fed the horses and scooped poop. After, I checked in on the chickens and goats. I was glad that they were all so content.

Lastly, I came in the house and gave Pete a hug. I am so very glad to have a partner who I get along with so well. So many people do not. He continues to support my animal and writing endeavors, and he does see how they’re interconnected. Tonight I’m seeing things for what they are. And it feels very good.

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