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September 4, 2014: Lessons to be Learned: The Upcoming Dressage Schooling Show

There are lessons learned, and lessons to be learned. The lesson to be learned, this is what I’m now focusing on. The lessons learned, I will draw upon them in preparing for lessons to be learned. It’s rather exciting – I’ve decided to do the Sunday Sindorf Center Dressage Schooling show with Raudi.

Dressage is a French word meaning schooling. It is a discipline in which the horse and rider do specific and very precise maneuvers in an arena setting. There are many levels – the top being Grand Prix dressage. In the early levels the horse is required to walk and trot, in a straight line, in diagonals, and in circles. It’s far more difficult than it looks.

My initial thinking was that this was not a good idea. I figured that if I did this, that I’d be setting us both up for failure, with a capital F. This is because we have not ever done a dressage test pattern. Best to wait until we had a year or two of dressage lessons under our belt.

But yesterday, as I was picking berries, I got to thinking – success and failure are merely what we perceive them to be. I’m now going to strike the words failure and failing from my vocabulary. And instead, I’m going to focus on the word success. And success, in this instance, is synonymous with learning.

I don’t have aspirations to do dressage exclusively. For me, this is a part of the larger picture. Dressage training is very useful if you trail ride because the horse and rider are, as they should, moving in unison. For Raudi and me, this is yet another way in which we will move forward. This is actually something that I’ve always wanted to do. My fingers are crossed that I will end up meeting a dressage instructor who will want to later work with us.

Goodness. I have a lot to do in preparation for this big event. Tomorrow I’m going to Anchorage where I will purchase riding boots and breeches. And I’ll clean my tack on Saturday, and also spiff up me ‘orse. I’m also going to study the test patterns, and envision Raudi and me doing this together.

There are, in this instance, no negatives, only positives. We can’t fail because my attitude about this is as it should be. We are simply going to have a good time.

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