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August 5, 2014: The Writing Life: Re-Vision Part II

In the previous dispatch I wrote about revision, and the figurative problem of getting my proposal in good enough form for the University of Alaska Press board of directors. In this dispatch, I will write about revision, and the literal problem of revision, which is seeing things anew or in a new light.

I’ve needed new lenses in my glasses for some time, like for at least a year. Seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep them from getting scratched. The minute I go to clean them, they become marred. So for some time I’ve been taking them off to read and do computer work.And I’ve been taking them off to

see things at the distance. When doing close up work, I set them on the desk before me. And when looking out at the distance, I set them on my head.

Today I set my glasses down next to me, on the floor of my cabin (I was on the ground, sorting through Bill’s journals. I knelt on them, felt the too familiar feel of metal under my knee. I moved my knee, took the glasses in my hands, and took a close look at the bent sidepiece. Since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I could tell that it was terribly askew. Smart me realized that if I attempted to bend it back in place that I’d break it.

I set the glasses on the chair arm and continued sorting journals. Then I read for a bit. When done, I took my glasses up to the house and asked Pete nicely if he could fix them. He bent them back into reasonable shape, and so I was able to wear them. However, they were still very crooked.

I’d been planning on getting a new pair of glasses, but me being me, I had put off going to Wolf Eyewear because (as we say) a trip to nearby Wasilla kills an entire day. Today was actually supposed to be the day in which we were to do this. So this accident was timely. This afternoon we indeed did go to Wolf Eyewear, and I indeed did order a new pair of glasses.

My new glasses look just like my old glasses. My head and face are small, so I am always limited by the selection. I am forever to look like a 70s hippie chick. The one difference is that I am now an older 70s hippie chick. I would have liked a new look, but the old look is going to have to suffice.

I will have new glasses in a week to ten days. And then, I’ll again be able to see both far and near. I must be patient. Before things change, they must remain the way they are.

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