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July 3, 2014: Ryder’s Stitches Removed

We’ve had a run of really good weather – sunny skies and warm temps have put all, including me, in a really good mood. Today my mood was lifted further, when finally Ryder had her stitches taken out. Mid-day we took her to the Far Country Animal Hospital where a technician snipped, pulled, and removed the pink sutures. All total, this took approximately five minutes.

Ryder wasn’t too keen on the procedure – she wiggled enough so that Pete and I both had to hold her. The tech did schedule breaks, and in between the dog quieted some. Ryder still has a nasty gash on her nose. I hope, of

course, that the hair grows back. Her left eye also waters after exercise. Otherwise, she’s resumed being a chipper, energetic dog with a very upbeat personality.

The hardest part of this entire ordeal has been dealing with Ryder’s higher than normal energy level. I’ve been walking her on leash nearly every day – and a few days ago Pete took her for a lengthy bicycle ride. However, this has not been enough exercise. Ryder has been in need of more  physical activity.

So tonight, I took Ryder, Rainbow, and Jenna up and down the bench trail, first going up Pete’s trail. All the dogs, and especially Ryder, had a great time bounding through the tall grass and weeds. Going up, one of the trio flushed out a spruce hen, to which Ryder and Rainbow gave chase. (Jenna hung back with me.) Cagey bird – little did the dogs know that her flying off was a ruse. She knew what she was doing, which was luring them away from her babies. Heck, I could even hear the baby birds.

I am, as I write this, incredibly grateful. We are so lucky – we are in short supply when it comes to large animal veterinarians. However, there are a good number of competent small animal veterinarians. Also, we were fortunate that Far Country was open on a Sunday – had the clinic been closed, we would have had to have waited a day before Ryder was seen. This would then have greatly lessened her chances of survival.

I’m now cautiously optimistic about Ryder’s recovery. Her left eye becomes watery after she exercises. Pete talked to the veterinarian tonight – she said that perhaps the bone structure in the lacrimal canal was altered.

Ryder’s behavior from beginning to end of all this was exemplary, further verifying what Pete and I have come to believe, that she, like Jenna and Rainbow, is a truly great dog.

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