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April 9, 2012: Feeling Virtuous

After Tuesday/Thursday yoga classes, I feel virtuous. Class begins far too early, at 7:15 a.m., so I have to get up at 5:45 a.m. if I want to get to class on time. And all must go right – horses must be fed, car must start, yoga mat must be in arms, hair tie has to be in place. After, I’m fried for the rest of the day. I can’t do much else, but I feel good for having made it to class.

Today I feel twice as virtuous as usual. This morning the roads had yet to be plowed. Snow was still falling. School had been cancelled, so there were no school busses or bus lights. I never before realized how much bus traffic there is on the roads in our area at that hour. Children must come out of the woodwork. Those that remain in the woodwork (and there are many), are children who are being homeschooled.

For me, yoga is all about doing better, no matter how good I’m doing. Half ass is not acceptable. Today I flopped around quite a bit, sort of like a salmon in the bottom of the boat. I collapsed a few times, which is something I never do. I felt wobbly, like my legs were made of jelly. I tried, but I could not maintain my balance in tree pose. Might it be that I’m a tad bit off balance mentally? Dunno. I didn’t feel like it. Or maybe my expectations were high because I did well the last class. Three quarters of the way through the class, I finally accepted the fact that it was an off day for me. Maybe this is what I was supposed to learn. Or better yet, this created self-assessment works just fine for the given

situation. The next class may be better. Or maybe not.

A strange thing happened near the end of class, when we were all in resting pose. A woman burst through the rear door, and in a very loud voice asked which one of the seven of us owned the silver car. Dori, our instructor, said she did. The woman, in an even louder voice, then said she needed Dori to move it because the parking lot was being plowed.

This to me was a signal that this day had its own momentum, and that the best I could do would be to go with the program. Nope, no rest ahead, I’ll just go through the motions of living, and keep going until tonight, when I attempt to catch up on lost sleep.

I will, today, help Pete shovel, scoop, and plow. I’ll also tend to horses and maybe get them out. Like yesterday, I will of course be chancing it because the plow driver is not on a schedule. (I did a good job of this yesterday.)

I know that I’ll feel better mentally and physically, having gotten my yoga fix.

I’ve given up on Photoshop until next year, so I won’t be going to class this evening. Next year I’ll do better. At least, there is always that hope.

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