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March 26, 2013: Better Weather

The difference (weather-wise) between one day and the next can be pretty dramatic around here. Yesterday and the day before it was snowy and overcast. As predicted, we got about eight inches of snow – mainly light, fluffy stuff. Yesterday afternoon, when I was out walking the horses, big fat flakes were falling out of the sky. The sun became visible – it was a blurry mustard colored orb. But, for the most part it was invisible.

The road had not yet been plowed, so it was very slow going – a slog of sorts. Even Hrimmi, who went for two walks, seemed a bit frustrated with it. At one

Raudi and Siggy in a snow storm

point she looked at me as if to say that she’d much prefer to be clip clopping down a dirt road. She, who is not yet a year old, does not know that weather is seasonable. But she will soon find this out.

It was a good workout for the horses. And, I think that the cold snow was good for their legs. It had to increase circulation. I let them all off-lead and let them run. The white snow billowed up behind – it was like in the Christmas cards. Raudi went to climb over a few berms, but soon realized that there was no more food out there than was on the road.

The sun’s again shining brightly today, although the temperature has dropped markedly. (Less cloud cover.) Today, when I get out, I’ll wear my sunglasses. You just don’t get glare like this in the winter. This is spring snow. People’s attitudes about snow differ in relation to the season. This is not like the fall, when most welcome snow. Rather, there is now a general attitude of resignation. As beautiful as it is (and it is beautiful), most, like me, have had enough. I know a lot of gardeners—this seems to go with the territory—and they are itching to be putting their starts in the ground. I myself am itching to get out on the trails.

It’s getting harder to find the motivation to shovel and scoop snow well knowing that it will all be done in a month’s time. I’d just as soon be brushing horses, well knowing that they’ll be shed out in a month’s time. It must be a matter of self-perspective.

I am waiting on my new saddle. It should arrive here this afternoon or tomorrow. I checked the online tracker – it’s now in Anchorage, delayed from reaching its final destination because of the storm. It went from Wyoming to Utah, to California, to Ontario, Canada, to here. I wish that I’d been able to travel along with it.

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