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March 12, 2013: Wind, Again

I was lying in bed last night when I heard it again, the intermittent Niagara Falls roar, meaning, the wind had returned. Personified, wind is a capricious individual at best. She comes and goes at will, sometimes lingering, sometimes not. When she does blow in, she makes herself known. All the sudden there’s dust in the eyes, snow in the air.

Right now, I’m just seeing the wind as being a damnable nuisance. It’s real tricky, getting the water to the horses, even when using the sled. The enclosure is downhill. I stand behind it and hold the rope like the reins of a horse, guiding it

along. Sometimes, like today, when the wind’s strong, the wind blows the sled sideways, into the berm. The lids must be secure; otherwise, water will spill out of the tops.

I dole out the hay, putting it in to the sides of the shelters, so that it doesn’t blow away. The horses, who don’t like the wind, would also prefer that the hay piles be at least five feet apart from one another. They express their discontent by milling around. When finally, I leave, they get down to the business of eating.

Picking up the manure isn’t that bad, because the downhill enclosure area is somewhat sheltered from the wind. But hauling it uphill, to the winter dumping area, is a more laborious task.

I do, always, no matter how bad conditions might be – take the time to access the situation. Today – Raudi is in season. She’s a bit more territorial than usual. Signy, not in season, is wary of Raudi. Hrimmi, who someday will be in season, is now everyone’s friend. Tinni and Siggi have been separated because they have again been sparring. Tinni is pleased to be the one now occupying the center shelter. Siggi – I am not at all reading into this – he misses his buddy Pete. I can tell because he’s a bit more cantankerous than usual.

Back up at the house – the wind generator squeals like a pig being butchered. Ranger and Rover don’t seem to be all that bothered by this. But poor Peaches, undoubtedly, she’s rolling in her grave. She hated that sound.

Inside – the woodstove must constantly be reloaded, more so than usual because the wind makes the wood burn faster.

I started to write here that “an ill wind blows no good.” But I have decided to instead take blowsy days like this as they come. I have several projects that need finishing – this includes my horse trekking proposal. A good day to get this kind of work done. It’s far better to do this than grouse about the wind. Maybe later, I’ll get out and take some photos.

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