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February 19, 2013: A Conversation with Signy, et al

Alys: Signy my dear, how are you doing?

Signy: I’m busy these days, very busy.
A: Do you have a few minutes to talk with me?

S: Yes, just a few. I have to keep an eye on my baby. She’s over there eating with Raudi – I don’t want them to bond. Raudi has never before had a foal – she’s a bad influence. She’s been telling Hrimmi that she should eat my share of her food, and faster, so that she can grow big and kick my butt. Bitch.

Alys: So what are you doing these days?

Signy: I thought it was obvious. I’m raising a baby and being your # 1 Riding Horse.

Siggi (Walking past: The foal raising isn’t a job I’d want.

Tinni (Interjecting a comment) I’ve been a Number One Riding Horse – once in a while you get extra hay at the hitching post.

Siggi: And you get to see a lot of nice country.

Raudi: I myself rather like the treats.

Signy (To all): Have you noticed that lately, I’m the one around here who’s doing all the work?

Raudi: Quit your bitching. We all go out. Alys makes sure that we all get exercise, nearly every day.

Signy: The way it’s been working is that Alys either rides me and ponies the rest of you, or ponies me and rides the rest of you. And that includes you, Ms. Raudhetta.

Alys: Signy, are you enjoying the work?

Signy: Oh yes. I really like getting out with Raudi because she has to work to keep up with me. I trot fast and she canters.

Alys: Is there anything that I as a rider should be doing differently?

Signy: I want to run more.

Alys: If I ask you to canter, can you assure me you won’t bolt?

Signy: Yes, if you take me out alone. I might bolt still if you take me out with Raudi – she eggs me on. I’m only horse you know.

Raudi: Come off it. You egg me on.

Alys: Okay. Let’s talk about child rearing.

Signy: I’m an expert on this subject. What do you want to know?

Alys: How’s it going, raising Hrimmi?

Signy: I didn’t think so at first. But I finally figured out that you were wise to have taken Hrimmi to Vicki’s. I just wish you hadn’t brought her back so soon.

Alys: Why’s that?

Signy: Because she wasn’t yet weaned. At some point, and I’m dreading the day, we are going to have to be separated for a while.

Hrimmi: Bullshit.

Tinni: Watch your mouth young lady.

Raudi: I think the phrase you want to use is horse shit.

Alys: In the meantime?

Signy: I’m glad to have her around. She’s a very smart gal who like me will both be a good riding horse and broodmare.

Alys: I don’t doubt this. But I’m not sure we’re going to breed her. Look at those rear legs.

Signy: They’re just like mine. They are a bit crooked now, but wait until she grows up. They’re going to be as straight as 2x4’s.

Siggi: There’s nothing wrong with crooked legs.

Alys: Let’s focus on the positive. Would you like to have another foal?

Signy: Oh yes. But at the same time, I want more pasture land to roam around on. It’s a bit crowded here.

Alys: So you enjoy having babies?

Signy: Oh yes. It’s all good.

Alys: As you know, we’re getting ready to do another trip. Are you up for this?

Signy: Oh yes. This time I’ll start out in really good shape. Plus, you did say that I’m going to be carrying less weight.

Alys: Yes I did. I’m only taking three socks. Washing one, and wearing two.

Signy: Sounds good to me. I like being the pack animal. You are taking Raudi and Siggi, right?

Alys: Yes. By the way, I have one more question for you. Are you happy here?

Signy: Oh yes. You and Pete are very good horse owners. Except for one thing.

Alys: What’s that?

Signy: I could use some more treats.

Tinni, Raudi, and Siggi, altogether: We all could.

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