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February 10, 2013: A Conversation with Hrimmi

Hrimmi is now back home. She’s now older, wiser, and (she thinks) more worldly.

A: Good day.
H: Good day.
A: Is it a good day?
H: Yes, it’s a very good day.
A: How do you know this?
H: Because my mother told me it’s a good day.
A: Do you always believe what you hear?
H: My mother never lies.
A: How do you know this?
H: (Stomping foot) Because I do.
A: Are you glad to be back here?

H: Do you have a mother?
A: Yes I do.
H: Where is she?
A: She lives a long ways from here.
H: Do you miss her?
A: No. I do not.
H: How come you don’t miss her?
A: Because I’ve been weaned.
H: Weaning. It’s dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.
Siggy: (Walking past) That’s right.
H: Did you have a good time at Vicki’s place?
H: Oh yes, I had a very good time. I was treated very well. And Mr. Hunar, Vicki’s horse, he was a real gentleman. You know, he’s Raudi’s boyfriend. I’m too young to have a boyfriend.
A: What did you two talk about?
H: Mr. Hunar is a show horse. So he told me everything I needed to know about big horses. He says they aren’t very smart, and told me to stay out of their space when I’m around them.
A: Didn’t your mother tell you this?
H: No. She’s spent most of her life around smaller horses.
Signy (at the distance). Child, don’t lie. I also told you to be careful when you’re around them.
A: So Hrimmi, what do you want to be when you grow up?
H: I’m already it.
Raudi (coming up to us both): Another hay burner.
A: Don’t I always make sure there’s enough hay out here for all of you?
R: We could always use more.
H: That’s right. We could always use more.
A: Hrimmi, all horses, when they are older, have a job. What would you like for your job to be.
H: You really want to know?
A: Yes.
H: I want life remain as it is, right now. I want to continue to spend my days with my herd.
A: And your nights?
H: And I want to spend my nights doing as I’ve been doing, and continue on clear nights, to star gaze.
Signy: Come little one, get back over here.
H: I gotta go. See you later.

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