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December 20, 2013: The Horses Speak

In the mornings, I first say good morning to each of the horses, then pick up their poop. As I’m doing the latter, I listen in on their ongoing conversation, and sometimes interject a comment. As the morning feeding -- hay piles – start to disappear, the horses begin milling around and start to mutter about my not having put out enough forage. I go and get them more when it’s really cold, and leave them be when it’s warm. Giving a horse hay is like fueling a furnace. It’s what keeps them warm. It also keeps them occupied. Today’s early morning conversation follows:

Alys: Horses. Is this hay good enough for yas?
Raudi: Is fine. Need more.

Tinni: Never get enough.
Signy: Lady. You got any treats for me?
Raudi: Her name isn’t lady. It’s Alys
Signy: No matter. Lady. You got any treats for me?
Hrimmi: Treats? Count me in.
Raudi: No treats until we get out on the trail.
Tinni: Get grain when we get saddled up.
Raudi: I’ll take it.
Tinni: Yesterday you ate my grain.
Raudi. Gotta move quick, old man.
Tinni: My name is not “old man.”
Signy: Have you all heard what our nick-names are?
Hrimmi: I know. I know. Raudi is Butterball, Signy is Breadbasket, Tinni here is Pilot Bread, and I’m Little Cruton.
Signy: Anyone know the Icelandic translations for these names?
Raudi: The English meanings are bad enough.
Hrimmi: What’s a crouton?
Raudi: You are a crouton.
Tinni: (To all) Think we’ll get out on the trail today.
Signy: I’d like to stay put. There isn’t any forage out there now.
Raudi: Yes, a few more armloads of hay would get us through the day.
Tinni: And then we’ll be ready for more.
Raudi: Why wait? Let’s bust out of here and make a move on the hay shelter.
Tinni: Can’t. Alys would only put her back.
Hrimmi: Know what my nickname her for her is?
(ALL): What?
Hrimmi: Lard butt.
Raudi: Most fitting. She needs to cut back on the chocolate.
Signy: I like getting out on the trails.
Hrimmi: I like getting out too. Once I get going, I feel pretty good.
Tinni: We’re lucky. There are horses out there who don’t get out near as much feed as we do.
Raudi: How do you know this?
Tinni: I pay attention to such things.
Raudi: You think that I don’t?
Signy: I have been more places and met more horses than any of you.
Raudi: I’m so tired of all the nickering and bickering that goes on here . . . .
Tinni: Quit yer bitchin
Raudi: I’m not bitchin. I’m simply making a statement of fact.
Hrimmi: What’s a statement of fact? Is it a kind of treat?
Tinni: Oh Crouton, you have so much to learn.
Signy: Don’t talk to my filly like that.
Tinni: Ninny, ninny, neigh, neigh.
Raudi: Geldings . . . .
Hrimmi: Look here! Brome!
Raudi: Mine . . .
Tinni: Mine . . .
Signy : Mine . . .
Alys (to all) Is food all you all think about?
Signy: No. I also think about sex. Umm, umm.
Tinni: Simple minds, simple pleasures.
Hrimmi: What’s sex?
Signy: Keep eating. I’ll explain this to you some other time.

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