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October 15, 2013: Rain

Rained all day. Could rain all night. It was and remains a cold, steady downpour. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t what it is – a cold rain. I generally am oblivious to weather-related hardship. I just put on whatever clothes are needed and go for it. I learned to do this when growing up in Rochester, New York. There, inclement weather was the norm. It now appears as though it is now also the norm in Palmer, Alaska.

I haven’t done any long rides since arriving home because the weather’s been so crappy. And even if I could, I can’t because the local trails have been trashed by local ATVers. Trashed, and I

mean trashed. Huge puddles, wide ruts and slippery treads are now the norm. Forget riding – you take your life in your hands even when you go for a short hike. I have been out hiking five times in the past five days and each time I’ve slipped and fallen. Two days ago, I went down, fell in a puddle, and hit my knee on a rock. It hurt really bad; in fact, it hurt so bad that I at first thought that I’d cracked my patella. I must not have, for the next day it was okay.

And just how do I explain to the horses and goats why the sun isn’t shining? I suspect that more than anything, they want to lie down and bask in the heat. I didn’t think that the dogs mind this, because they can, if they wish, spend time inside. However, I realized this morning that I erred in my judgment. I put Ryder out at dawn, and she got up on the porch chair and sat looking out at the rain. I then brought her back inside. I noticed ten minutes later that she’d pooped and peed in the kitchen addition.

What to do? I have two options. I can wait this out in hope that the bad weather will become a thing of the past. Or I can relocate to a warmer, sunnier clime. Actually, the operative word here is “we” since I wouldn’t dream of leaving Pete, the four horses, three dogs, or two goats behind.

The bad news of the day was that Pete discovered that right now, the Idaho place isn’t in our price range. He then said that we might have enough money on hand if I start to substitute teacher. Problem is, subbing doesn’t pay all that well. And it includes no retirement or benefits. It’s just pocket change.

There is a part of me that still believes that it’s best if I continue to focus on my long term plan, which is get a teaching job. But in order to do this, I will need to publish more book-length works. So I am continuing to bide my time and do as much writing as time allows.

The up side to rainy days is that they’re conducive to working inside, like today. Got a lot done while listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the cabin roof. I have finished the trip dispatches, and I am now working on an article about our trip for the Icelandic Horse Quarterly. Gad zooks, might have to change my plans and do something else if indeed, the sun shines tomorrow. Right now, I’d just as soon not think about this.

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