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October 14, 2013: Big Ideas

For two weeks now, I’ve been playing catch up, doing both inside and outside tasks. Outside, I’ve been working on getting my animal act together. The compost facility is back in good working order. All is in readiness for the microbes and fungi, and nematodes that, when it warms up, will do their part of the job.

And the bucket set up, which is integral to all I do, is fully operational. The food grade and water buckets are to the right of the left gate. And the muck buckets are to the left of the right gate. And the fish hauler, which contains five buckets, is in the center of the gate area. The hay sheds are now full to bursting with hay.

And the pen is free of weeds and almost devoid of leaves.

Inside, I’ve been working on dispatches, mainly writing about the last leg of our trip. I started to fall behind when we were in Butte, Montana. So I had a month’s worth of dispatches to complete once we returned home. I’d written some in my new and old waterproof notebooks, but had not revised any of these writings, or put them on the computer.

I would have been better off if I’d kept up with this. Amazing, what a difference it makes, to keep up with such things. Plus, it’s counterproductive to fall behind since few are interested in reading old dispatches, especially if they’re trip-related. I also erred in working on the more current dispatches first. This meant that Pete could not get going on putting up the photos and the postings.

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