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October 10, 2013: Hold your Horses

Winter is fast approaching. This morning the ground was crunchy underfoot and there was a thin layer of ice in the five-gallon buckets that we’re using to water the horses. No worries. We pretty much have the place in order now. However, we need to get one more load of hay and 2 or 3 more cords of wood.

Because we’ve been so busy, I haven’t spent very much time with the horses this past week and a half. I am now feeling like I can change this situation. The problem is that inclement weather is going to have an adverse effect on riding.

I got all the horses out for exercise today. This was the first time I’ve done this since our return. I’d walked Mr. T, but I hadn’t ridden him. The morning’s sunny weather did an about face around noon, and left the country. Then overcast, rainy weather moved in. The horses really needed to get out, so I decided to ignore the bad weather and pretended like it was a nice day.

I first got Signy out. I figured that I’d ride her bareback. Pete then volunteered to walk Hrimmi. So off mare and foal went. Signy decided that she didn’t want to be ridden bareback, and in the driveway she began doing the Wyoming license plate thing. That is, bucked. I said to Pete “I gotta get off.” Pete turned his head, and asked what was wrong. I didn’t have to say anything; rather, Signy said it for me, by bucking again. I stayed on, but moments later dismounted, for there was no good reason to stay on. The remaining walk was uneventful.

I next rode Tinni and ponied Signy. It was the first time that I’ve ridden him since last June. In this time I’d forgotten what a great trail horse he is. We did the loop, and then we went up Jim’s road and onto the area trail system. Tinni, aka Scout, carefully made his way on the downhill part of the messy, muddy trail.

I last rode Raudi and ponied Signy. We went around the neighborhood loop and then cut over into the woods adjoining our neighbor’s place. Raudi and Signy grew more animated when we entered the woods. They must both realize now that they are back home. And they must feel somewhat bored with having to again do the same old same old. I mean really, they had a very adventuresome summer. They traveled in diverse country and stayed in many differing places.

I just wish that they could understand what I told them both at the ride’s end, that hopefully we all have a few more fun adventures ahead of us.

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