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October 7, 2013: Raining Cats and Dogs

Okay. Yesterday it did not rain cats and dogs. But it did rain dogs. They began tumbling out of the sky at about 9:30 a.m. as we set out for our now daily hike. They at first started to fall in small numbers, but as the day progressed, they began falling in larger and larger numbers. They were all breeds, all sizes, with a generous sprinkling of mixed breeds.

It was fun, being out on the trail with them. They raced around with great abandon, and played with our dogs. I was particularly taken by (of course) the border collies, who attempted to herd the smaller dogs. The part that wasn’t fun

was dodging the falling dogs. I got hit in the shoulder by a falling Great Dane, and now it still hurts. And my feet got wet when I stepped in a poodle.

Once back at home, Pete and I listened to the canines bounce off the cabin roof. Our dogs remained visibly excited, especially Ryder who one minute ran to the upstairs window, and the next to the downstairs window. The older dogs didn’t do much of anything. Rainbow barked some, and Jenna attempted to sleep through it.

I tried to get some work done, but I could not. I finally gave up because it’s not every day in which it rains dogs. I wish it would happen more often. It would be fun if it also snowed dogs, though I suppose we have enough huskies here in Alaska.

The storm finally passed, with the dog downpour gradually increasing. Finally, they all ran off, en masse, to wherever it is that storm dogs go. I watched them leave, all the while feeling conflicted. I was sad to see them go because I am at heart a dog person. I was also relieved, because cleaning up after hundreds upon hundreds of dogs is an onerous chore.

A rainbow appeared in the sky after they left – it was all colors of the roy g biv spectrum. I had never before seen one so brilliant. Of course, there was not a pot of gold at the end, but rather a huge box of dog toys and dog treats. This, I then knew, was where all the dogs went. I suspect that given the weather here, that they will return in the very near future.

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