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September 16, 2013: The Farragut State Park Carriage System

We left Robin and Al’s place, with the rejoinder that we are thinking about moving to Idaho. In fact, we were on our way to meet with a real estate agent. Furthermore, tomorrow, we’re going to check out a place that we’re interested in purchasing.

We then headed in the direction of Farragut State Park, which is adjacent to Lake Pend Oreille. Like Camp Hale in Colorado, it is a former military camp. The difference is that this place has an indoor visitor’s center. In addition, it has horse facilities.

We paid our fees and were then directed to the horse corral area. The site area was spacious and extremely well

maintained. There were sites available for group and individual riders. There was some manure in our enclosure, but no nasty objects. There was also a manure management system in place. There was a small concrete bunker adjacent to the pen. We also had access to a picnic table and an outhouse. Because it was after labor day, the distant showers were locked up.

We went for an early evening ride, and what a wonderful ride it was. The local in-park trail system is called the carriage route. It’s wide, level with rolling hills, and winds through pine and aspen groves. I suspect that the trail is well used by other horseback riders, but we did not see anyone.

Raudi and Signy flew along at a fast pace. We alternated trotting and cantering. This, for them, was a welcome change, for we’d spent most of our summer going up and down steep, rock strewn trails. I imagined that if he were here, that Mr. Siggi would also have liked the routes.

It was a great deal of fun, to be riding my willing horse who is now in great shape, on a trail that has been well maintained. In fact, it was sort of icing on the trail riding cake.

After, as we untacked the horses, Pete asked me what has become a commonplace question, which is “Could you live here?” I said yes, assuming that by this he meant Idaho, the state. At least I took it this way.

I let my mind continue to wander. Idaho, yes Idaho. Land of famous potatoes. Yes, I could live here. We have, in the past month ridden on a wide variety of trails in this state and in Wyoming, which as the crow flies is not that far away. And I have liked every single one of them. If we lived here, we’d have access to the ones that we’ve ridden and a lot more. I also like the people I’ve met in both places. It would also be nice not to have to spend two weeks driving/trailering time to get here.

So tomorrow we’ll do as we told Robin and Al, and go and check out property in the Priest River area. Idaho. Huh. I could pack it all up and move down here.

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