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May 25, 2013: Giddy Up Little Red Riding Hood

The English translation of Raudhetta is Little Red Riding Hood. Appearance-wise, she fits the bill – her chestnut mane frames a seemingly angelic face. Personality wise, she is anything but her namesake. She’s extremely willful, no a more apt word choice is self-assured. Under her Alaskastadir website photo it reads “of strong temperament.” This was duly noted when she was just a few days old. And it’s still fitting.

“Of strong temperament” is absolutely correct. Last night, I had gotten all the horses out but her. I’d watched as she grew increasingly more impatient, and I ignored her when she repeatedly banged on the front gate. And every so often I said “Raudi, just get over it.” It was as I

was putting Hrimmi back that she pushed past the open gate, nearly knocking me off my feet. She barged past me, and then proceeded to flounce around the yard like a drag queen with a huge butt. It didn’t take me long to catch her – she by then had her nose in a pile of hay by the new hayshed.

It was by now 10:15 p.m. I knew that I had to take her for a ride, and I did. She was sluggish for maybe five minutes, but then (it was as if someone had flipped a switch) she was suddenly energized. With little urging, she picked up a trot and happily went up and down the rises in the road.

I spent the next 16 or so hours wondering if this was a fluke. As it turned out, it was not. I went for an afternoon ride with Pete and Mr. Siggi. Raudi was, from the start, very animated –attentive but not reactive. New neighbors were building a house, so there was pit bull and chainsaw action. Raudi quickened her pace going past, but she did not bolt. Minutes later, we rode by an ATV/motorhome enclave without her getting all wigged out.

I’d been wondering if I’d be able to take on the trip. She’s been that resistant to moving out. Now it looks like I’ll be able to do so. So, what was the problem? Bad saddle fit? Tender feet? Substandard hay? None of the above? All of the above? Well Raudi now has a new saddle, her feet have dried out, and she’s getting the very best out-of-state hay. I will never know.

What’s important here is that together, Raudi and I are moving forward, and in a big way. We’ll soon be heading to the Lower-48 for yet another adventure.

An aside – I went to an Icelandic horse clinic today. I didn’t stay long, but did get to talk for a bit with Solfari’s owners. He looks really good. Happy. This made my day.

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