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May 24, 2013: Great Expectations

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a helluva party.” A great title and modified first line. Makes me think that I should go back and reread the books I was required to read in high school. My take on them would now be entirely different.

I think we’re having a good time here, as we are going about preparing for our upcoming trip. This morning I decided that ‘get ‘er done’ precedes giddy up. Get ‘er done is what you have to do in order to giddy up. So be it.

Well, it wasn’t on the get ‘er done list, but today I disposed of the carcasses of

Snooki, Henny Penny Palin, and Henrietta, our much-loved chickens who this past winter were all done in by Mr. Ermine. We put them in the deep freeze, which is no longer frozen. The solar freezer is behind the cabin, north facing, so the sun doesn’t shine directly on it. This is good, otherwise the smell of the chickens rotting away would have been overpowering. As it was, it was just plain bad.

Pete put the white plastic bags containing the birds in the larger black plastic bag that I held in my hands. I then carted this satchel (in the south they call such things crocker sacks) out into the adjacent wooded area. I half buried the birds on a north-facing bluff, covering them with leaves, moss, and decaying matter. I averted my eyes as they spilled out of the bags. For some odd reason, I can’t handle looking at dead animals that I’ve nurtured and raised. But, oddly enough, I well knew who was who.

I then, on the walk home, thought about how wonderful these birds were. Henny Penny Palin (who we had the longest) was very industrious. Snooky (who we had for a lesser amount of time) was bright eyed and inquisitive. And Henrietta (who we had for less than forty eight hours) was very social. I have continued to miss them all. Peaches’ corpse was nearby. I have also continued to miss her.

But after a bit my thoughts turned in the direction of the future. I’ll get more chickens in spring, 2014. I’ll have to reinforce and modify the coop so that Mr. Ermine can’t get in, and help himself to fresh chicken. Actually, he didn’t eat the chickens, just killed them. I’ll also then get another female goat – one that in appearance and disposition is like Peaches.

Back to getting ‘er done. Today I’m heading to the recycling center where I’ll drop off a load of stuff. I’m also going to check out the books they have on hand there. I often find good ones, which I pass on to other people or redeem for credit at the local book store. And when I get back, I’ll get the horses out. At some point, I’m going to need to sort out and start cleaning gear.

Right now, we are amidst good weather. After the previous storm, I no longer take it for granted.

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