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May 20, 2013: Bells and Whistles

A great day. The sun shone brightly, as if to make up for the previous three lackluster days. The sky was cloudless, brilliant blue, and the air was warm. It started out chilly, but gradually warmed up. I’m not one to grouse about the weather, but the rain/snow-snow/rain mix was a bit much. Glad to see that it’s behind us

I spent a part of the afternoon with Trillium, age 10, and her new Icelandic pony, Skjoni. She’s very comfortable with her new friend. And he’s enjoying being in her company. Very little fazes this fellow. He handled the noises that

accompany small farm life quite well. I was surprised to see him remain calm when two people walked by with squealing pigs. He was more curious than fearful. He really wanted to check them out.

Trillium, Skjoni, and Leila (age 7) and Eddie Long Ears (donkey) went for a walk. The kids had a wonderful time, and so did I. Trillium and Leila are not yet teenagers, so they are still fun to be around. Sometimes, in fact quite often, teenagers are snotty. These kids actually think I know something about horses. After our walk, I helped brush the horses and donkey. I would someday like to own a donkey. Eddie is very expressive.

I came home and then went on a scouting expedition with Mr. Tinni. The trails are still a little punchy, but not all that bad. The ground underfoot is frozen. I then took Signy and Hrimmi on the same route, following in Mr. T’s hoof prints. Hrimmi will stop, become focused on grazing on the emerging sprigs of grass, and then after realizing that she’s been left behind, race off after us. Signy now pays her no mind when she’s being ridden.

I next tacked up Raudi, leaving Signy’s saddle in place. I planned on ponying Signy, and maybe hopping off Raudi and riding her. Just as I was getting ready to go, I heard a diesel truck and what sounded like a large trailer. The rumbling slowed as it neared the driveway. I looked up and saw the red truck and a honking huge trailer pull in the driveway. I stood dumbfounded. Raudi, who was not tied up took this opportunity to walk into the side yard.

Pete had told me over the phone that our new trailer has all the bells and whistles. I found myself wondering, what exactly are bells and whistles? Now I know, at least as far as trailers go. This one has a carpeted tack room (the carpet is off-gassing, it’s a lovely smell), padded stall dividers, a water tank, and a grooming kit hanger. (The guy at Don Johnson Trailer Sales hooked him up with a nice trailer.)

Pete also picked up 1.66 tons of compressed hay when down in America. As I later told the horses, “you have the world by the balls. You are now eating coveted out of state hay, and have access to the best trailer money can buy.” Of course, the horses (right now at least) don’t care about the trailer. They just want to get at the new hay.

How odd, that so many things happened on such a beautiful day. Ya gotta wonder. And here I despaired. I had got to thinking that the bad weather was never going to come to an end. It now feels as though spring is in the air. There are small patches of green grass here and there. There’s still no haze on the trees though. Maybe this’ll be the year in which spring bypasses Southcentral Alaska, and we’ll go from winter to summer in one fell swoop. Maybe this will also be the year in which summer also bypasses Southcentral Alaska, and we’ll go from winter to fall in one fell swoop. Well, at least I got a glimpse of what spring was like when I was in Portland. It was reminiscent of the good old days.

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