International Clinician & Author
International Clinician & President Of Centered Riding Inc.

Saddle Up Arena Equestrian Park, Butte, AK

June 9 & 10 AND June 16, 17, & 18 2017

Made possible through a generous grant from the Dressage Federation. Ongoing support is also provided by the Alaska Dressage Association. For information, contact Alys Culhane (level one centered riding instructor) | 745-4747

June 9 & 10 (Either clinic for $250)
Susan Harris Focus: Western Dressage
Peggy Brown Focus: Jumping

June 16, 17, & 18, 2017 (Either clinic for $350)
Susan Harris Focus: Trail Riding and Obstacles
Peggy Brown Focus: General Equitation and Dressage

Sunday June 11, 2017 ($20 Kids 16 & under free)
World famous Anatomy in Motion demonstration
(See below for details)

About Centered Riding: Centered Riding is a way of teaching and learning in which the focus is on the six basics – breathing, soft eyes, body alignment, centering, grounding, and clear intent.  Centered riding was developed by the late Sally Swift, the author of the Centered Riding I and II.  Centered Riding incorporates body awareness, functional anatomy, and techniques from sports psychology and the martial arts. Learn more about Centered Riding at


About Susan E. Harris: Susan E. Harris is an international clinician, riding teacher, author and artist. She teaches all styles of riding, and has trained, shown, and judged in many equestrian disciplines, including hunters, jumpers, dressage, equitation, eventing, western pleasure, and saddle seat equitation. Susan has been honored by the American Riding Instructor Association as a Master Instructor.

A Level IV Centered Riding Instructor, Susan worked closely with Sally Swift, founder of Centered Riding. She teaches clinics for instructors and riders of all levels and riding interests.  She’s given presentations at major equestrian expositions, and her Anatomy in Motion demonstration has been well-received at clinics and equine expos world-wide, including Equine Affaire, the AQHA Quarter Horse Congress.

Susan Harris is the author of Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement (new edition just out), the U.S. Pony Club Manuals of Horsemanship, Grooming to Win, and the Anatomy in Motion: The Visible Horse and The Visible Rider DVD.

Susan’s instructional style is clear, practical, and fun, often illustrating a point with on-the-spot drawings. Her goals are to promote better understanding of horses and horsemanship and to help riders ride, train, and work with confidence and in harmony with their horses.

You can visit Susan Harris’s website at


About Peggy Brown: Peggy Brown is an Advanced Level IV Centered Riding and Centered Driving Clinician from Toledo, Ohio and the President of Centered Riding Inc. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has trained horses and riders for more than 30 years at her stable, Walnut Hill Farm. Brown’s strong belief in good foundation training and application of physical education techniques to riding and driving, has helped her students succeed at both local and national championship levels.

Brown is certified with the American Riding Instructor Association as an Instructor Educator and Expert Instructor in multiple disciplines, and serves on the ARIA’s Testing Staff. Brown and horse Ulie, competed in western, hunt seat, jumping, and dressage competitions as well as driving competitions, and were long-listed with USET for three years in Advanced Combined Driving. Brown has published articles in several equine magazines including The Whip and The Chronicle of the Horse. In 2005, Peggy Brown was honored as Riding Instructor of the Year by the American Riding Instructor Association.


About Anatomy in Motion: Anatomy in Motion is a demonstration put on by Susan Harris and Peggy Brown that shows the equine and human body and how they work together in all forms of horsemanship. Learn more about Anatomy in Motion from the website:

The photos below are from the Anatomy in Motion Website

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