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About Raudhetta fra Alaskastadir

Alys rode from Canada to New Mexico on the Continental Divide Bicycle Trail in 2002. She was then, along with Pete, living in Butte, Montana. As she ground her way up steep grades, it occurred to her that it would be even more fun to do the ride on horseback. After all, the majority of the route went through stock country. This way, Alys thought, she’d meet more people.

A year after Alys completed this ride, she and Pete left their home in Butte, Montana and relocated to Palmer, Alaska. The pair found property, and Alys mentioned to one of the sellers that she was interested in buying an Icelandic horse. Wanda Cull responded by saying that she had a friend who owned and bred Icelandic horses. Alys was then introduced to Virginia Crawford, who was attempting to finance an upcoming move to a bigger place.

Alys met the nine-horse herd, and immediately set her sights on owning Raudi’s dam, Gerjun. However, Raudi, by following her around the pasture, let it be known that Alys should buy her. Pete, Wanda, and Virginia sided with Raudi, which was why Alys finally gave in.

Raudi (whose name in Icelandic means Little Red Riding Hood from a place in Alaska.) turned out to be a horse with what Crawford, on her website called a “strong temperament.” For example, Alys found teaching her to lead to be quite difficult. After she one day ran off with Pete, Alys decided to attend the 11-day Young Horse Clinic at the Vernon, B.C-based Icelandic Horse farm. Afterwards, her relationship with Raudi changed for the better. Raudi, who is now seven, is a dependable and trustworthy riding horse. Alys is now looking forward to doing the Divide Ride on the horse who she now describes as being “the apple of her eye.”



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