Photos from the 2016 Knik River Ramble

Saturday Morning Backing Obsticle
Saturday Afternoon Photos
Sunday Afternoon Photos


Ride Manager
Pete Praetorius
13329 E. Oceanview Rd
Palmer, AKĀ  99645
907-745-4747h / 907-354-7454c

Ride Secretary
Rae Arno
PO Box 870871
Wasilla, 99687
907-355-7398c / 907-373-7398h

The Knik River Ramble will be held starting the afternoon of Friday, July 29, through Sunday, July 31, 2016. The ride is sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC), following 2016 rules. Riders in all divisions will camp at the ride site with their horses beginning the night before their ride (Friday night for Open and CP, and Saturday night for Novice). The course will follow trails in the Knik River Public Use Area, as well as adjoining lands, near Palmer, Alaska. The Open and Competitive Pleasure (CP) Divisions will compete over 2 days (July 30 & 31), and the Novice Division will compete on 1 day, Sunday, July 31. The trail covers rolling terrain and river bottom. The trail surface ranges from single-track, to open river bottom, to occasional muddy sections, to gravel roads. Shoes or boots for your horse are recommended. Exact trail distances, specific time guidelines, and a trail map will be given to all entrants at the pre-ride briefing.

About Competitive Trail Riding
Competitive trail riding is not a race, but timing/pacing is important. The ride will test your horse's condition, soundness, and manners over a well-marked course in a specified minimum and maximum riding time. You may encounter ascents, descents, water, and challenging footing. During competition, your horse will be examined/observed by an NATRC-sanctioned veterinary judge for condition, soundness, trail ability, and manners. In addition to judging your horse, your horsemanship will also be judged separately by an NATRC-sanctioned horsemanship judge. The horsemanship judging will focus on how well riders ride a horse cross-country safely and efficiently. Balance, control, and partnership between horse and rider are all part of the contest as well as basic safety and care in camp. Both judges will give you separate evaluations on two informative scorecards.